22 December 2009

however vast the darkness, we must supply our own light

"you look like christopher robin with that bandaid on your knee." -my dad
my work here is done. i'll see you at the ball, one day again

12 December 2009

it's ringing you to hell

because that isn't who you are. i read things out loud and it sounds like they affect me so much and i'm getting extremely emotional about them but it's only because i get so tired after reading a few words. by tired i mean out of breath. since i'm a baby and everything.and i have to read everything out loud.

09 December 2009

les marionnettes

today i came home and drank hot drinks and put on my dad's red coat and went to sleep. on a side note in rudolph the movie when yukon cornelius falls off the edge of the cliff with the abomidable snow monster i always think of when Gandalf falls off the edge of that stone thing with that big dragon. i should probably stop relating everything to lotr. also why are there girls that are fans of "women should not have rights" on facebook? moreover, why do things like this exist? the world may never know

midnight surrounds you and the moonlight makes you proud

sentence structure

"It doesn't matter to me where you go."

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