29 November 2009

try to remember always

i love the word "her" so much. it's so intimate.
why is everyone so happy without me? wait up guys

myriad harbour

when we met and you didnt know anything about me and you asked if i was an artist

25 November 2009

ne me quitte pas


"Instead, she cultivates a taste for small pleasures: dipping her hand into sacks of grain, cracking creme brulee with a teaspoon, and skipping stones at St. Martin's Canal."
This movie frustrates me to no end.
but i do love it

21 November 2009

i'm nervous

do you ever get like phantom limb but with people?
i do
you're lost!

08 November 2009

Coyote's Ode to Nightingale

At dusk the coyote entered the forest.
He heard the nightingale sing from atop a tree.
The night songstress' trills led the trickster
Up the trunk and into the canopy.
Just as he reached her branch,
He fell into the brush below and broke his knee.
He hopped and cried back to his home.
She gathered straw, grass, and twine
And entered his burrow to nest and mend his wound.
feel the waltz
was it a vision, or a waking dream? Fled is that music - do i wake or sleep?
-thomas macker

i think this story and the images in it are beautiful. i'm not even entirely sure thomas macker is the one who wrote it, i think he did though.
either way, enjoy it
electro forest. thanks for stickin around

07 November 2009

summertime clothes

don't cool off
i like your warmth

05 November 2009

and you will go to mykonos

i don't think anyone really likes me that much.
edit: i remembered things today. infinite: watching you play with your pretty hands and look at them when you get sad. finite: falling asleep with you and waking up with red words on my arms and my shirt. i realized what nice things these are.
"How did animals in the snow tipped pines, I find
Hatching from the seed of your thin mind, all night?"
i picked out photos for this post and it shouldn't matter but i picked them out of my old archives of photos and so they weren't easy to find and it didn't work uploading them. they are kind i wish you could see them.
i'm sleepy

the unicorns

1: I'm not a fan of yours anymore
2: Yes you are
1: No I'm not
2:Yes you are
1: No I'm not
2: Yes you are
1: But you broke my fragile heart
2: No I didn't
1: Yes you did
2: No I didn't
1: Yes you did
2: No I didn't
1: I hate you
2: I hate you too
1: I hate you
peter rabbit prevails
"if you're killed, i'll be free. if i'm killed it really doesn't matter. if we both die, good riddance!"

01 November 2009

as your friend died he asked about a living pyramid but such a thing does not exist

sommelier, irenic, flotsam, pointless nostalgic.

i want to know who wrote that and never stop hugging them and feeling their breathing on me but then again i want to do that to most people. time travel.


there is something about georgia font that comforts me, georgia and times new roman. i feel like it's used so often and is considered very commonplace. i like that. i miss to build a fire by jack london. i love that story. i missed it so i typed the title in on google so i could read it, since it's just a short story, and i clicked on one of the links and the entire thing is in georgia. the first copy i read was in times new roman. so i'm comforted, i'm comforted on this wool with my tea and snowflake roll, reading jack london and being proud of my nostalgia. indentations.
edit: enchanté
edit pt. 2: john napoline gave me a call and we talked about jack london. what a small world.

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